Does a Chromecast have Bluetooth? All you need to know

Whether a Chromecast has Bluetooth depends on the model. While there are Chromecasts that come with Bluetooth, this does not apply to the entire lineup. In this article, I explain exactly which devices these are and how to connect to, for example, a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Does a Chromecast have Bluetooth? Depending on the model, a Chromecast has Bluetooth. For instance, the Chromecast with Google TV has Bluetooth, but the regular version does not. So whether you can use this connectivity option depends on your specific model.

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Chromecast Bluetooth

As such, there are differences when it comes to the Bluetooth connectivity of a Chromecast. To stream, the dongle uses Wi-Fi. Therefore, when setting up the Chromecast, you also need to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

So, for initially setting up and using the Chromecast, you don’t need Bluetooth. Still, there are applications to consider that can be useful if you have this extra connectivity option.

To give an example, consider connecting external devices, such as a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones. In this way, you can easily play the sound of the Chromecast through an external device.

The first Chromecast came on the market in 2012, and in the meantime we are a number of versions further along. Below is an overview of the Chromecast models that do (and do not) have Bluetooth.

  • Chromecast (V1) – No Bluetooth
  • Chromecast (V2) – No Bluetooth
  • Chromecast (V3) – No Bluetooth
  • Chromecast with Google TV – Bluetooth

So if you have a Chromecast with Google TV, it does have Bluetooth. All other models do not have this feature.

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Bluetooth’s applications with Chromecast

If you have come to this article, you are probably looking to see if it is possible to connect certain devices to a Chromecast by using Bluetooth.

Often this involves wireless earplugs, which you can use to play the sound from your Chromecast. We also see more often that Bluetooth speakers are used for this purpose. So In a nutshell, let’s say it is widely used to play the sound of the Chromecast via Bluetooth.

There are also possibilities for using another remote control that connects via Bluetooth. Below, I will go into more detail about the method of connecting the Chromecast to a Bluetooth speaker. There are many more features with this connection method.

Chromecast Bluetooth speaker

If your TV’s speakers aren’t powerful enough, or if you just want to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Chromecast, fortunately that’s pretty easy to do.

To connect a Bluetooth speaker (or other device) to the Chromecast, you need a specific model that is: the Chromecast with Google TV. This is the white model with the remote control. If you want to know which model you have, check this overview.

To connect the Chromecast to a Bluetooth device, follow the steps underneath.

  1. Make sure your Chromecast with Google TV is enabled (other models will not work)
  2. Navigate using the remote control to Settings>Remote control and accessories
  3. Make sure your device is in pairing mode
  4. Here you can choose to pair a new device
  5. Select the right device and there you go: the connection is set-up
Chromecast Bluetooth - JBL Speaker
Bluetooth speaker JBL

What if my model doesn’t have Bluetooth?

But what if you don’t have Chromecast Bluetooth, but you still would like to listen on, say, an external speaker or headphone.

There is no need to worry in that case, since there are a couple of solutions.

New(er) TVs often have Bluetooth built-in. This way, you are able to connect the external speaker or headphone to the TV itself. By doing so, you can have each Chromecast play through a different sound channel. This is often the case with a TV with a built-in Chromecast.

Don’t be concerned if you do not have Bluetooth on your TV: it is still possible to connect other devices via, for instance, the headphone port (3.5 mm). This can be an external speaker, but also wired headphones.

The issue here is often that the wires are quite short, but fortunately there is a simple solution, just think of an extension. Extensions are quite affordable and can be purchased here.

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