Cast to Samsung TV: how to easily stream to your TV

Say you would like to stream Netflix or YouTube to a TV, but how does that exactly work with a Samsung TV? There are several possibilities to stream to a TV device, including casting to Samsung TV. Once you know how that works, you can start streaming and easily watch whatever you want on your TV.

Cast to Samsung TV

If you wish to cast to Samsung TV, it’s good to know the exact definition of casting. After all, casting was invented by Google when the Chromecast came on the market. Streaming, for example, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify or any other streaming services to the big screen is therefore called casting.

If you feel like knowing more about this, check out our comprehensive article: What is casting?

Anyway, you’ve come here to learn how to cast to a Samsung TV. With that said, let me start with the bad news right away: it is not possible to cast to a Samsung TV via a built-in Chromecast by default.

That means you always have to use or buy a separate Chromecast to be able to cast. For more information on buying a Chromecast, read our guide: Which Chromecast to buy? I’ve tested them all.

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What do you need to cast to Samsung TV?

To get started with casting, you need a few things. You can find these items in the list below.

  • Chromecast
  • Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • (Samsung) TV with HDMI connection
  • Power outlet nearby

Now that you know what’s required, we’ll continue below to explain exactly how to start a stream.

Cast to Samsung TV
Via the step-by-step plan underneath, I explain how to cast to a Samsung TV so that you can stream, for instance, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Video land or another service.
Connect the Chromecast to your Samsung TV
Connect the Chromecast to a free HDMI port on your Samsung TV and plug it in. Depending on the model, this can also be done via the USB port of the TV (Chromecast 1 and 2).
Make sure the Chromecast is installed via the Google Home app
If you are using the Chromecast for the first time, make sure you install it through the Google Home app. You can read more about this in this Chromecast setup guide.
Find the right ‘source’
Select the correct source on your remote control. This must be on the corresponding HDMI channel. The image below shows you which button to use to do this.
Grab your phone/tablet or laptop
Now take your smartphone, tablet or laptop and select the app you wish to cast from to the Samsung TV. Make sure both devices (smartphone/tablet/laptop and the TV) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network!
Look for the cast icon
Look for the cast icon on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and click it. Then select the name of your Chromecast and you can get started with the Chromecast on your Samsung TV.

Streaming to Samsung TV: other options

There are other ways to get your smartphone screen onto a Samsung TV. This involves copying the screen, as it were, and displaying it on the big screen.

To do so, there are a number of conditions and different ways. This has to do with the specific smartphone you use to stream to a Samsung TV.

Below, I’ll further discuss how this works with a Samsung smartphone, as well as with an iPhone. If you have another device, then there may also be ways, but of course you can always choose to cast to Samsung TV.

Samsung SmartThings - Cast to Samsung TV
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Samsung smartphone (and other Android devices) with SmartThings

As you would expect, a Samsung smartphone works well with a Samsung TV. After all, they are made by the same company.

This method can also work for a number of other smartphones, but mainly offers the possibility to do a so-called screen mirror to your Samsung TV. It is also possible to control the TV via your smartphone and the app.

We’re going to do this with Samsung’s SmartThings app. Here’s everything you need:

  • Samsung TV
  • Smartphone/tablet
  • SmartThings app
  • Wi-Fi connection
Cast to Samsung TV (SmartThings)
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to cast to a Samsung TV using Samsung SmartThings.
Download the SmartThings app
First, download the SmartThings app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
Make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi
Make sure your smartphone is connected to the same network as the Samsung TV.
Open the SmartThings app and choose ‘add device’.
On your smartphone, go to the SmartThings app and choose the ‘add device’ here.
Select the TV in the app
Choose your Samsung TV from the list of devices, so it can be connected.
Optional: enter the PIN
In some cases, you must enter the PIN you see on the screen of your smartphone.
Click on Smart View
Now select Smart View and get started on casting to Samsung TV.

In this way, you can stream to your Samsung TV using most Android and iOS devices. But there is another way to do this for certain models.

This other method is only suitable for iPhones and iPads, because a technology of Apple is used here, namely Airplay.

iPhone/iPad with Airplay to Samsung TV

There are also Samsung TVs that have Airplay. To find out if your TV is suitable, you can enter the model number in Google + the word Airplay. You can also navigate in the menu to ‘Settings>General>Airplay settings. If you do not see these, then you do not have Airplay. Here you can find more information about Samsung and Airplay.

Here’s what you need for Airplay on a Samsung TV:

  • Samsung TV (with Airplay)
  • Wi-Fi
  • iPhone or iPad

With an Airplay, you can mainly stream your own photos and videos to the big screen and proceed as follows.

Cast to Samsung TV (Airplay)
To use Airplay on a Samsung TV, you need to complete the following steps.
Activate Airplay on your TV
Go to settings on your TV and choose here: Settings>General>Airplay settings. Here, Airplay should be turned on. If you do not see this option, then your TV does not have support.
On your iPhone or iPad, open the Photos app
Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and select which photo or video you would like to stream to the TV.
Click on Sharing > Airplay and select the appropriate screen
Then click on Sharing as well as on Airplay and choose to which TV you wish to stream.
Optional: enter the PIN
You may now need to enter a code to connect the devices.
Your photo or video will now appear on the screen
And there you go! You can get started.

It is also an option to stream music via Spotify, for example, to the Samsung TV. To do so, you open the Spotify app and choose the Airplay icon. Select your TV and you can listen to music via the TV.

Casting can begin now…

Now you can cast to a Samsung TV, with or without Chromecast. Of course, you can also use the built-in apps present on the TV itself.

Obviously, the method that works best for you depends on your needs and preferences, but fortunately there are a number of options to choose from.

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