Netflix glitches: the 5 best solutions for this issue

If you’re experiencing Netflix glitches, causing the picture or sound to not run properly, that is extremely annoying. In only a couple of steps, you will be able to solve that problem. We explain everything about Netflix glitches in this article.

Netflix glitches

Netflix is one of the very largest streaming services in the world, so as you can imagine, there can be many moving parts that cause Netflix glitching. Below, you’ll find five solutions to address this inconvenience. We’ll explain each solution step by step.

Often we see these kinds of problems more often at “busy” times on Netflix. Think of times when many people are streaming at the same time, or when a new popular series is launched, for example.

Nevertheless, a non-working Netflix is extremely annoying. Let’s start by explaining how you can tackle this issue.

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1. Check your Wi-Fi

Alright, this one might be very obvious, but it’s possible that there’s no glitch with Netflix, your TV or tablet, but with your internet service provider or the stability of your Wi-Fi.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to go stand exactly in the place where you want to stream with another device (for example, your smartphone, tablet or laptop). This can be next to the TV. Open a number of websites here (let’s say, for instance, Chromefans :-)) and check if this goes well and smoothly. Also, start up a YouTube video to check whether the velocity is sufficient.

To be completely sure, you can also do a speed test to check how fast your internet connection goes. You can do this through various apps, or through Netflix’s own speed test, which you can find at

For the speed test, keep in mind that you should have about a 15mpbs to get good, undisturbed viewing in 4k. That’s the highest resolution Netflix currently offers.

If all of this is effective, you can also opt to reboot your home network for a while. How to do this will depend on your specific setup, but often it works to disconnect it, wait 30 seconds and put it back in.

2. Make sure your apps are up-to-date

Another reason why Netflix is glitching could be that you are using an old(er) version of the app. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, go to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) to check if you are using the latest version.

If you are watching Netflix on TV through your television’s app, go to the device’s app store (if there is one) to download the latest version.

Whenever you look in a browser, on your Chromebook for example, you always have the latest version. The only thing you could do here to be sure is to refresh the page so that a new version is loaded.

Should you stream Netflix on a Chromecast, make sure the app on your phone is completely up-to-date.

Are your apps up-to-date? Then it is also possible that there is an update on your smartphone, tablet or browser. I’ve had this happen myself, causing apps such as Netflix and Videoland to stop working properly.

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3. Restarting + logging in and out

Again, this one may be fairly obvious, but it is a clever idea to perform this step as well, to see if it fixes the Netflix glitches.

Restart the app completely. If this doesn’t work, it is also possible to completely restart your phone or other device. This ensures that everything is reloaded, so that you can open the app with a ‘clean slate’.

If this still doesn’t have the desired result, you can always log out and in to the Netflix app. In this way, your account data is also retrieved from the servers again.

4. Check if there is a Netflix breakdown

Now that you’re quite sure that it’s not your apps, devices and internet connection, you can continue to explore the cause of the issue.

Of course, it’s also possible that Netflix is experiencing a breakdown, which means the service is simply not working (or working poorly). To check this, you can access social media, but there are also many websites these days that track whether services are experiencing a breakdown.

For the US, for instance, you can go to the website Downdetector, which has a special Netflix page with the current outage. It is good to know that if there is a real, major disruption, you will also see a huge spike in reports.

Also check immediately if there is a malfunction with your internet provider, so you have excluded all issues related to Netflix glitches.

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5. Go for a wired connection (if possible)

If you’ve tried everything, and you’re still having Netflix glitches, chances are it’s because of your internet connection.

This can be for many reasons, where one solution may be to opt for a wired connection. This is not feasible with a smartphone or tablet, but it is possible with most laptops, PCs and TVs.

By doing so, you are assured of the most stable connection possible, but you may have to pull a wire to get this done.

Netflix glitches: not yet resolved?

Are you experiencing trouble with Netflix glitches? Then we hope that the problem is already solved before you read this. Because now, you should have followed all the basic moves to discover that the cause of the problem is not due to the Netflix app, a Netflix outage or an update.

In case it is still not resolved, you can always take a look on the Netflix’s site, which also describes some steps to fix the problems.

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