How to download Netflix on a MacBook: this method works

Are you without internet for a while, but would you like to watch Netflix? Then there are two possibilities for you to watch movies and series offline! But do you wonder if you can download Netflix on a MacBook? Then you will find out that this is not that easy. Nevertheless, there is a way… In this article, I’m going to explain to you the possible way to watch Netflix offline on a MacBook.

Download Netflix

There are many Netflix apps available, for many devices. For example, an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and many more. But there is no app for Mac…

But what if you still wish to download the app to watch movies and series offline on your MacBook?

In 2019, Netflix introduced the ability to watch content offline. With this, it suddenly became possible to still watch your favorite series, for example, on a plane, or in a place with poor internet.

This can also be useful if, for instance, your data bundle is limited, and you still like to stream Netflix. Downloading Netflix in itself is very straightforward and works in all (official) apps of the streaming service.

If you’ve ended up here, then you’ve wanted to download Netflix on a MacBook and found out that you can’t do that very easily. Therefore, I’d like to explain how you can still watch without Internet on macOS.

In this article, I also explain how (and if) you can download and install the Netflix app on a MacBook.

Download Netflix on a Macbook
Netflix app is only available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Download Netflix on a MacBook

Downloading Netflix on a MacBook is not that easy, but yet it is possible. That means you can just watch offline, but first you’ll have to do some work for that.

Back in the day, there were more options for streaming Netflix on a MacBook, but that has unfortunately changed. In addition, you will have seen: there is no Netflix app for MacBook (and therefore macOS).

So all the apps you can download that pretend to be Netflix are not official.

Yet there are ways to download Netflix on a MacBook. By this, I don’t mean specifically the app, because watching can of course be done in the browser, but I mean especially the app to download movies.

Before I get into this, I’ll first give an explanation on how to watch Netflix on a MacBook. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy, but you won’t have all the possibilities at hand.

Netflix guide
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1. Watching Netflix on a MacBook

If you feel like watching Netflix on a MacBook, fortunately there is no extensive step-by-step plan required to get this done.

Although there is no Netflix app for MacBook and macOS, you can easily go to in the browser and log in there.

  1. Launch the browser on your MacBook (Safari, Chrome or any other)
  2. Go the website of Netflix
  3. Then click on login and start streaming. It can be that simple…

But if you want more features, such as watching movies and series offline, you will still need the app.

Previously, there were also options to use AirPlay (via a workaround) to stream to the MacBook, however, that no longer works at this time.

However, it is possible to use Airplay and Chromecast together, just as casting from your Macbook is feasible.

2. Downloading Netflix movies and series on a MacBook

There are a number of (inconvenient) ways to download Netflix movies and series on a MacBook. This includes making a screencast of a series and then watching it (offline). Here you do need to make a real first screencast. If you want to do this, Screencastify for Chrome is a useful option.

The ‘easiest’ way to download Netflix on MacBook is to…. Yep, installing Windows.

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Actually, Windows does have an app, which you can download from the Windows App Store. Then, you are able to use all the features of the app, including downloading content.

If you already have Windows running alongside macOS: that’s great. You can now get started with downloading Netflix on your MacBook right away.

If you don’t have Windows running on your MacBook yet, there are basically two options.

  1. Install via Boot Camp Assistant. Here, you can find more info.
  2. Choose software from, for example Parallels

If you have Windows running on your MacBook, you can continue with the steps below.

1. Open the Windows Store
2. Search for Netflix
3. Click install

Netflix download windows store
Via: Windows Store

4. Open the app and login with your Netflix account details
5. Search a movie/series
6. Click the download button as you see in the screenshot below

Netflix download for Macbook button

Netflix download for Macbook overview downloads

And just like that, you can easily watch offline on an Apple device.

Netflix on a MacBook: a must?

Depending on the features you feel like using, you are able to easily stream Netflix on a MacBook. If you do not want to use, for example, the offline viewing of movies and series, then the browser is perfectly sufficient. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave or another browser.

If you wish to use more features, then installing Windows is your best option.

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