Google Nest Hub photo frame setup: a step-by-step guide

Setting up the Google Nest Hub photo frame is easy. But it’s good to know what you’re getting into and how it works. So here’s how to get started and what to expect.

The Google Nest Hub is a great device for doing lots of things. It controls smart home devices, plays music and shows photos throughout the day. A true all-rounder that wouldn’t look out of place on your wardrobe.

Many functions relate to the microphone (the Google Assistant) and the speaker on the device (such as playing music), but the photo frame is a functionality that makes the most of the compact display on this device.

Setting up Google Nest Hub Picture Frame

As we can imagine that not everyone knows how to do this right away, let us show you how to set up the Google Nest Hub picture frame. We’ll also show you how to choose a specific album to display on the screen.

The photos shown by the Google Nest Hub come from your Google Photos library. This is a free cloud storage service (with paid options) where you store your personal photos. As an Android user, you probably already use it.

Don’t have the app? Don’t worry: You can download it here as an Android user and here as a user of an iOS device. For the integration you also need – of course – the Google Home app. So get that too.

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Setting up Google Nest Hub photo frame: the app

To make sure the pairing goes smoothly, make sure you use one Google account for Google Photos and Google Home. All devices should also be on the same Wi-Fi network.

And of course we mean the Google Nest Hub and your own smartphone. It’s also helpful if you’ve already uploaded some photos within the Photos app. Now let’s take a look at the steps inside the Google Home app.

Set up via Google Home app
Follow the steps below to set up your Google Nest Hub picture frame.
Open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.
We assume that everything is set up correctly and that you are already logged in. If not, please read how to set up Google Home here.
Tap your Nest screen in your personal overview of smart devices.
Then tap the Settings button (the cogwheel).
Now tap Picture Frame.
Select the content you want to view.

Setting up Google Nest Picture Frame: The Hub

Prefer to do everything on the Google Nest Hub screen? Then follow the steps below. Because this works a little differently than within the Google Home app, it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

Setting the picture frame via Hub
This is how you set up the photo frame via the Google Nest Hub.
Swipe up from the bottom of your Nest screen.
Make sure the Nest Hub is easy to operate with your index finger.
Now tap Settings.
You will see these settings on the screen.
Tap Picture Frame.
Select the content you want to view.

Finally, if you have Voice Match turned on, you can also say “Hey Google, change Picture Frame” to open the Picture Frame settings on your Nest screen.

Google Nest Hub Picture Frame Setup: The Options

The Google Home app and Nest Hub offer different options. You have a choice of four things: Google Photos, Art Gallery, Full Screen Clock and Experimental. For the purpose of this article, we’ll obviously select the first option.

So when you select it, the Google Nest Hub displays photos from your personal library. Google calls these photos live albums. They automatically add photos from your Photos library so you don’t have to update the collection yourself.

Still, you can set everything manually and add photos manually if you want. In total, you can add up to 20,000 photos to a live album. Find out how to do it in the overview below.

Customise live album
This is how you customise a live album.
Open the Google Photos app.
You do this on your smartphone or tablet.
Tap Library and New Album.
For a new album, press the plus icon.
Tap Add a title.
That will be the name of the album.
Tap People and pets.
Now tap the people you want to include and confirm your choice.
Now open the Google Home app.
You should have set that up by now.
Tap your Nest screen in your overview and then Settings.
Again, find the settings for the picture frame.
Now select the Google Photos option.
And tap the new album to use it for Photo Frame.

Under the latter heading, you can also add and remove albums. You can do this by selecting an album or deleting that selection. You can also do this by saying “Hey Google, change Picture Frame” to the Nest Hub and following the prompts.

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