Chromecast and Airplay: how to pair them together

If you really feel like it, then it’s possible to pair Chromecast and AirPlay together. However, these are two completely different systems, so you won’t succeed without a little help. In this article, we’ll explain how you can make the connection and what the differences are between the two systems.

Chromecast is a system from Google; AirPlay is a system from Apple. Although both systems are basically the same, they simply cannot work together. To do so anyway, you’ll need an additional app that bridges the gap between the two technologies.

With both Chromecast and AirPlay, you transfer content from one device to another. For example, you send a new episode of your favorite Netflix series from your Mac to the Apple TV. But what if you don’t have an Apple media player, but you do have a Chromecast?

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Chromecast and AirPlay: the pairing

There are a number of apps that allow you to bridge between Chromecast and AirPlay. One of the better apps currently is AirParrot 3. This is a Mac app that is initially free to use for seven days. After this free period of time, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $20.17.

Within those seven days, you are able to decide for yourself whether this is the right app for you and whether it is worth the 20 euros. How do you install the app, and how do you start using it? You can read the answer to that question below.

Pairing Chromecast and AirPlay
In this how-to guide, we explain how you connect Chromecast and AirPlay, using the paid program AirParrot 3 for macOS.
Download the installation file from AirParrot’s website
After downloading, you can open the installation file.
After installing, it is convenient to drag the app to the applications’ folder
This way, you know where you can always find the app in case you lose it.
Go to the folder full of applications and open the program
When the program is open, you will see a parrot icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
When you use the app, the parrot turns green
Make sure to closely pay attention to the color of the icon. Black means not in use, green means in use.

After installing and opening the app, AirParrot 3 automatically searches for available target devices. A target device is a device within your home network to which content is being streamed. The Mac in question is then a source device. A source device is a device from which the content originates.

Also, as a Mac or macOS user, you have other options at your disposal. We published an extensive article about this previously. In that article, you can learn all about casting content from a Mac(Book) to a Chromecast device. This way, you do not need to buy an application.

Differences between Chromecast and AirPlay

Finally, we’ll briefly go over the differences between Chromecast and AirPlay. As mentioned before, both platforms are extremely similar. Indeed, their use is the same: you select the content you feel like watching and press the available cast button to stream content.

The Google Cast platform, as Chromecast is called as well, is a lot more widely deployable than Apple’s AirPlay. This is because Google Cast works on a wider range of devices, while AirPlay is limited to Apple’s devices. In addition, far fewer third-party apps work off Apple’s standard.

Another difference is the support for voice assistants. Again, Apple’s platform only works with Apple’s voice assistant, on Apple’s products. That’s when we are talking about Siri. However, the Google Assistant is much more widely available on many more (types of) devices.

Next, there is the price. If you would like to have a simple Chromecast, it will cost you a few tens at most. But if you go for an Apple TV, which is the iPhone maker’s media player, then you’ll easily spend over a hundred euros. Therefore, we understand that as an Apple user you’re considering alternatives.

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Chromecast and AirPlay: which one do you prefer?

In general, digital nomads are very pleased with the quality and capabilities of the Google Chromecast. This does not mean that AirPlay is a bad alternative. However, you do spend more money on it, while being somewhat limited in terms of features and capabilities.

Due to the options above, it no longer matters which media player you opt for. Because when you buy a Chromecast and subsequently purchase this program, it is still cheaper than if you only get an Apple TV.

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