The best Chromebook sleeve or cover [all sizes]

Imagine, your new Chromebook has arrived and you want to get started. Of course it’s important to protect it with a Chromebook sleeve or cover. There is quite a lot of choice, so we have put together some useful tips for you, but also an overview of the best Chromebook covers.

Chromebook sleeve

There are very many different Chromebooks on the market, but fortunately the choice of a Chromebook sleeve is a little less complicated.

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There are, of course, a number of features that are important when making a purchase. Fortunately, the differences, apart from looks, in material and size are not that great. Therefore, today I made a list of the best Chromebooks sleeves, obviously taking into account the format.

Furthermore, there are a number of tips you should pay attention to when looking for a Chromebook cover, with the first tip being especially important. So that’s immediately where I want to start.

Buy Chromebook sleeve: 3 tips

Below is a list of three tips and things to consider before you proceed with the purchase of a Chromebook sleeve.

1. Check the inner dimensions

It sounds obvious, if you buy a Chromebook sleeve measuring 15 inches, you would expect your Chromebook to fit in it. That is true in 95% of cases, so there is one thing you should pay attention to and that is the inner dimensions.

The inner dimensions of a 15 inch sleeve are not the same for every product. If you want to be completely sure that your Chromebook will fit in it, check the inner dimensions of the cover and compare them to the measurements of your device. Of course you need a (small) margin to actually be able to use it. A centimeter is usually enough.

2. Determine how much protection you want

Besides nice designs and looks, there are also some practical choices to make. For example, think about whether you are looking for a sleeve that can take a beating, for example when traveling, or whether you are satisfied with ‘regular’ protection. So there are a number of options here as well.

Furthermore, there are also Chromebook sleeves that are (splash-) waterproof and thus resistant to (a little) water. If that comes in handy in to your specific case, that is of course something to consider as well.

3. Looking for additional options?

Perhaps you are looking for a sleeve for your Chromebook, with an extra large compartment for accessories. Here you can, for example, store a mouse or other accessories. You can also think of the charger, for example. If you choose a too tight case without extra pockets, the accessories might not fit.

Chromebook sleeve: these are the best choices

I have made a list of ‘just right’ Chromebook sleeves, but here, naturally, taste also plays a role. The covers are available in all sizes, unless otherwise indicated.

As you can see, there are several options for Chromebook sleeves and covers. If you can’t find your favorite, or if you are still in doubt, here are some useful links to (web) stores that offer Chromebook sleeves. Of course I will link you to the right page immediately!

There are also manufacturers who offer their own covers, such as HP. However, I usually see that people can get along just fine with other brands, so this absolutely does not have to be the same as your device’s brand.

In any case, I hope that with this information you can find a new, suitable sleeve or cover for your Chromebook.

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