Chromebook apps: these 10 apps you should not miss

Although the Chromebook is primarily used for internet services, you can also download many apps from the Google Play Store. This is the Android download shop, where you can get Chromebook apps as well. But which one do you really need?

Chromebook apps

The Play Store offers an assortment of thousands of apps that you can install on a Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet. In this article, however, we will focus on apps that take full advantage of the Chromebook hardware, so you can make the most of the options.

A Chromebook is an incredibly useful device. Not just because you can use it to access the internet, but also because you are able to quickly expand its capabilities by downloading apps and services. Below, we cover a selection of some important apps that you should not miss.

Besides, it is possible to download extensions for the Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store too. These extensions expand the capabilities of the popular browser without the need for an app. A useful tool for anyone who doesn’t want to download apps.

1. Taskbar

The first app we would like to highlight is Taskbar. This is a great application that allows you to open and use other apps in adjustable windows. You can also use a different start menu if you feel like it.

On top of that, it is one of the few ways to give your Chromebook widgets. Interested? Check out the app here.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is probably the best photo editor among the Chromebook apps. The app offers many of the same features that you find in the desktop version. The possibilities may not be sufficient for the pros among us, but for an average user there are more than enough options.

Be careful though, as the app is available as a free and paid version.

3. KineMaster

Do you rather feel like editing videos? Then consider KineMaster. Not only do you edit videos (up to 4K!), but you also get access to an asset shop where you can find all kinds of practical additions and components, such as music, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions and more.

The free version enables you to export videos with a watermark; the paid version removes that mark.

4. Dashlane Password Manager

LastPass has been knocked off the throne as the best password manager by recent changes, therefore we now recommend Dashlane. Not only is there an Android app available, but you can also download a Chrome extension.

The paid service allows you to manage your passwords across multiple devices, keep track of leaked info and get notified if your data is leaked somewhere.

5. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is an app that you can use to play local music files. It does not matter if they are songs or podcasts. It plays files from internal hard drives, external drives, and (micro) SD cards. So, you can listen to music offline without too much hassle.

In case you also make use of the desktop version, you have the option to stream your local music through MediaMonkey’s server.

MediaMonkey chromebook apps
Via: Google Play / MediaMonkey

6. Podcast Addict

If you are looking for a dedicated podcasting app, Podcast Addict is the one for you. There is a free and paid version available (which is not very expensive) as well as a subscription that you can take to support the developer.

The app gives you access to the full range of podcasts that you would normally find on Apple Podcasts. You can also download all the podcasts and listen to them offline.

Podcast Addict Chromebook apps
Via: Google Play / Podcast Addict

7. Reddit

Reddit may be an unusual choice, but the largest forum on the internet has plenty of subreddits (smaller forums) with lots of information about Chromebooks, Chrome OS and other Chrome-related things.

It is possible, of course, to visit the site on your device, but as an app user you also gain access to a much more pleasant interface. Also, the features will be more accessible.

RedditChromebook apps
Via: Google Play / Reddit

8. VLC

The most comprehensive and well-known media player today is still VLC. The app is available on a large amount of platforms, including Android and Chrome OS. The application supports most video files, works with subtitles and streams over the local network.

If you have a NAS in your network, the program can also work with that.

Via: Google Play / VLC

9. Solid Explorer

One of the best Android and also Chromebook apps when it comes to file management, is Solid Explorer. The app enables you to move files very quickly, search through your documents easily and combine different storage options, such as a cloud service, a NAS in your network, or local.

Do you use an ftp server at home? That is absolutely no issue for Solid Explorer either.

10. Google apps

You may be tempted to uninstall, disable, or ignore Google’s pre-installed Chromebook apps, but some of them are pretty convenient. Think of Gmail, for managing your various email addresses, or Google Drive.

Drive is Google’s cloud storage service, which is directly integrated with Chrome OS.

Other than these, it is also possible to use Spotify on Chromebook. And of course, you can play games on your Chromebook as well.

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